Hypebeasts pay thousands of dollars for Supreme and Vetements items, but Birkenstock’s CEO Oliver Reicher is not fussed. In an interview with New York Magazine’s supplement The Cut, he re

London - It's the end of an era in fashion retail, as leading Parisian department store Colette, is set to close down its doors for good this year after twenty years of trading. "As all good things m

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, a phrase especially relevant in the world of luxury fashion. In a latest effort to clampdown on China’s counterfeiters, imitators say they are fans

London - On December 20th, the world most iconic Parisian concept fashion store is set to close its doors for good. Located at 213 rue Saint-Honoré, Colette truly is one of a kind. The store,

They may not yet be weeping in the streets, but for French fashionistas, the closure Wednesday of Colette, the concept store which has become a Paris style institution, ranks nothing short of a natio

Many fashionistas lamented the closure of Parisian concept store Colette, which shut its doors for good last year. However, there’s still a chance to get a hold of some of Colette’s items

Chanel takes over the Parisian concept-store colette. Source: Chanel, YouTube

In July, Andelman announced that Colette would close after 20 years, spurring industry speculation regarding the store's financial health and the owner's next move. Source: BoF, YouTube

Colette, the most famous concept store in the world is closing its doors on the 20th December 2017. Guillaume Salmon, one of the store's symbolic figures, recalls what made this boutique such a succ