Inditex continues with its supply strategy, following the trail of other heavyweights in the sector such as LVMH or Chanel and incorporating its suppliers into its investment portfolio. In fact, Inditex already controls 100 percent of the capital of Indipunt SL, its largest supplier. The firm based […]

ANALYSISMany have cherished this weekend that American Apparel is finally back after a year of ups and downs that ended up with the Canadian brand Gildan acquiring the troubled fashion brand last January for 88 million dollars. Fast-forward six months and the renewed retailer is back, online and dialling […]

London - The wearable device market is expected to hit over 150 billion US dollars in sales annually by 2027, according to new research from IDTechEx. New advancements in wearable technology are being fuelled by increasing global interest, leading to numerous companies investing in new product development, […]

On a reported basis, Gap said second quarter fiscal year 2017 diluted earnings per share were 0.68 dollar and 0.58 dollar on an adjusted basis, excluding a 0.10 dollar benefit from insurance proceeds related to the Fishkill fire. Gap’s comparable sales were up 1 percent versus a 2 percent decrease last […]

L Brands earnings per share for the second quarter ended July 29, 2017, were 0.48 dollar compared to 0.87 dollar for the quarter ended July 30, 2016. Second quarter operating income was 300.9 million dollars against 408.2 million dollars last year, and net income was 138.9 million dollars compared to […]

Fourth quarter net sales at Coach totalled 1.13 billion dollars compared to 1.15 billion dollars in the prior year. Net income on a reported basis was152 million dollars, with earnings per diluted share of 0.53 dollar compared to 82 million dollars with earnings per diluted share of 0.29 dollar in the […]

Delta Galil Industries reported sales of 340.5 million dollars for the second quarter of 2017, a 36 percent increase from 249.5 million dollars for the same quarter of 2016. Excluding Delta Galil Premium Brands (DGPB), sales increased by 9 percent. The company’s sales for the first six months of 2017 […]

Crocs said, second quarter revenues reached 313.2 million dollars. On a constant currency basis, revenues decreased 2.7 percent, compared to the second quarter of 2016. Net income attributable to common stockholders was 18.1 million dollars or 0.20 dollar per diluted share. Excluding 1.8 million dollars […]

Ralph Lauren reported earnings per diluted share of 0.72 dollar on a reported basis and 1.11 dollars on an adjusted basis, excluding restructuring-related and other charges that were primarily related to activities associated with the company’s Way Forward plan, for the first quarter of fiscal 2018. […]

Michael Kors revenues for the three months ended July 1, 2017 decreased 3.6 percent to 952.4 million dollars from 987.9 million dollars in the first quarter of fiscal 2017. On a constant currency basis, the company said, total revenue decreased 2.6 percent. Gross profit for the quarter decreased 2.8 […]

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