Providing an update to the company’s strategic growth plan and key initiatives to deliver long-term sustainable growth and value creation, VF Corporation said in a statement that the company’s revenue through fiscal 2024 is expected to grow at a five-year compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) between […]

Boohoo Group revenue for the half year increased by 43 percent on both constant and current exchange basis to 564.9 million pounds (704 million dollars). The company’s adjusted EBITDA was 60.7 million pounds (75.6 million dollars), an increase of 53 percent on the first half of the previous year, while […]

For its first quarter to August 31, 2019, Nike, Inc. said, revenue increased to 10.7 billion dollars, up 7 percent on a reported basis and 10 percent on a currency-neutral basis, driven by growth across all geographies. The company added that diluted earnings per share for the quarter were 86 cents, […]

New York – Olivela, a luxury apparel e-commerce platform based in the U.S. has recently completed a fundraising round. Led by Morgan Stanley, it secured 35 million dollars in Series A funding. The retailer plans to use the new funds to expand its business “both digitally and physically,” says CEO and […]

Austrian fibre producer Lenzing Group announced plans today to enter the footwear segment in India, introducing Tencel for Footwear, its unique and globally acclaimed concept of the botanic shoe, in the country for sustainable options in footwear. The launch comes at a time when the Indian government […]

After a bumpy few years, luxury brands are re-committing to China's market as a weaker yuan and the US trade war funnel more Chinese high-end spending, Tiffany & Co CEO Alessandro Bogliolo said in an interview. China's luxury market has been on a roller-coaster since President Xi Jinping launched an […]

In depth London - As competition intensifies in global apparel and footwear, market leaders are moving away from traditional business models and mature developed markets; seeking new kinds of growth from new sources. Ethical fashion is thus to grow into one of several mainstream tools that rivals use […]

ANALYSIS New York - "Medical professionals have NEVER had the opportunity to shop for their uniforms like they would regular clothes, despite wearing scrubs more frequently than any other article of clothing they own.” This was the reflection that led Heather Hasson and Trina Spear to found FIGS in […]

Rocket Internet SE in the first half of 2019 reported 32 million euros (35.3 million dollars) of consolidated revenue and a consolidated profit of 548 million euros (605 million dollars), representing 3.65 euros earnings per share compared to 1.84 per share in the first half of 2018. The company said, […]

Impacted by the group’s decision to close unprofitable stores and resize the retail store footprint which led to a year-on-year reduction in total controlled space of 14.3 percent and exceptional items totalling 1,493 million Hong Kong dollars (190.7 million dollars), Esprit Holdings Limited reported […]

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