Maybe you’re a few years into your career in the fashion industry and the relief at being one of the few from your graduating year who got a job is beginning to fade. Maybe you’ve been entrenched in a job for too long but when you peek outside your cubicle, you no longer see the forest for the trees. […]

It's the last year of your degree and graduation is in sight, you can almost feel the degree being pressed into your hands. But after the lovely ceremony, which may or may not include the tossing of your hat, comes the reality of your situation - it's time to find a job. But how do you ensure you stand […]

London - Online fashion retailer The Outnet, part of the Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, has discovered that consumers are living in a constant state of “harmonious contradiction” in relation to how they share their lives on social media. The luxury e-tailer commissioned a social media report in partnership […]

You’re staring down the final year of your degree. Mentally, you fast forward to the graduation ceremony as you toss your cap in the air, filled with brio and possibility. Then you’ll be off and running, a hunter in a crowded pack. Yes, you’ve already heard there are too many graduates for the number […]

The Trendstop experts bring you the latest swimwear looks hot off the SS17 Resort and RTW runways. We identify the season's key influences, ensuring that collections have the optimum expert analysis to inform swimwear designs. This process begins by pinpointing the trends manifesting on the runways […]

London - Levi Strauss and Co has named 10 entrepreneurs to Collaboratory, its annual fellowship programme for “socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs” who are looking to create a more sustainable apparel industry. More than 100 applicants from ten countries applied to take part in the […]

Jennifer Lopez has gained the status of a celebrity through her work as a musician and actress over the years. Recently, the star has turned her creative talents to designer fashion by partnering with Giuseppe Zanotti. Trying her hand at high-end fashion for the first time, Lopez teamed up with Zanotti […]

Tokyo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion festival of Japan, has a new headline sponsor, Amazon Japan, replacing Mercedes-Benz who have supported the event for 10 seasons. The online retailer has signed a “multiyear” deal to sponsor the Tokyo shows, the full duration of which has not been disclosed, along […]

Although Levi Strauss & Co. is commonly known for its creation of American blue jean, the company’s history spans further than that. Additionally, Levi’s was responsible for an iconic staple in one of the world’s greatest geniuses: Albert Einstein. Although Einstein was known more for his academia instead […]

H&M revealed three campaign images - two with womenswear and one with men's clothing - of the Kenzo x H&M collection. A tigerprint stripe pattern plays the leading part in the collection. The female models wear red and blue striped jersey rollneck tops, matching high waisted leggings and pink heeled […]

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