Los Angeles brand Defyant has seemed to move forward in 2018. It seems the California-based label is attempting to rebrand with a fresh, new look. The capsule now shows growth with the label focusing on an edgier, Los Angeles-influenced aesthetic. “...I took over the brand because I loved the name Defyant […]

After the successful launch of the Selena Grace handbag and accessories line, Coach has decided to move further with Selena Gomez. The luxury label will introduce a new collaboration that is set to launch this fall including ready-to-wear. Fam, my second collection for @coach is going to include clothes! […]

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, a phrase especially relevant in the world of luxury fashion. In a latest effort to clampdown on China’s counterfeiters, imitators say they are fans of brands, not fakers. Hong Kong-based House of Hello (HOH) must be enormous fans of Hermes, who’s Birkin lookalikes […]

London - The third cycle of the Global Change Award, an innovation challenge initiated by the H&M Foundation in 2015, has officially opened its public voting round. An expert international panel, consisting of industry experts, sustainability specialists and circular leaders, has selected 5 winning […]

Max Mara is expanding its Cruise business. The brand will be hosting their Cruise show in Reggio Emilia, Italy on June 4. Although this is their first Cruise collection, Max Mara is no stranger to pre-collections. They showed Cruise in London in 2016, and they have shown their pre-fall collections in […]

As designers announce the dates for their Cruise and Resort collections, Chanel has officially set May 3 as the date for theirs. The collection will be shown at the Grand Palais in Paris, which has been a popular venue for Chanel shows in the past. Chanel has a very strong relationship with the Grand […]

Resources that designers have relied on for generations are significantly depleting, and potentially used up 2030, following rising costs will have damaging effects on profit margins. If companies want to avoid causing serious damage to their bottom lines and the well-being of the planet, something […]

London - Winning any type of grant can have a profound effect on any innovative startup. But being the winner of the H&M's annual Global Change Award, an initiative specially developed to support early-stage innovations that focus on sustainability can bring help accelerate the startup to the next level. […]

Some facts are just too difficult to fathom. Like images of refugees washing up on beaches or watching New York’s Twin Towers collapse. When it comes to the inhumane treatment of mankind we are provoked to think and act, but responses to the destructible treatment of the planet evokes less immediate […]

New York Fashion Week was once the bi-yearly fashion extravaganza of all fashion extravaganzas. Between the grab bags of products, the chance encounter to run into A-list celebrities and the seats filled to the brims with top magazine editors, the entire event was like a fairytale. Since its days at […]

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