Most fashion designers try to stand out from the crowd by developing their own individual niche. Takafumi Tsuruta wants to appeal to everybody, especially those fashion often forgets. His show Tuesday on the second day of Tokyo Fashion Week featured models from all different walks of life -- throwing […]

OPINIONThe fashion industry has been struggling to reach an accord regarding its use of fur for decades. Whilst members of the international fur trade remain adamant that fur and angora are natural and sustainable materials which support an international industry employing over a million people, animal […]

As one of the most prestigious events in the fashion calendar, Milan Fashion Week is known for its wealth of heritage family-owned fashion houses and ultra-luxurious styles. From Prada, Missoni and Gucci to Marni, Fendi and Versace, offerings from the city's high-end designer labels prove hugely influential […]

Swedish fast-fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz has been hard at work establishing its reputation as an environmentally friendly, affordable yet sustainable brand. In its latest marketing campaign, named 'Close the Loop,' H&M encourages consumers to recycle their unwanted garments. The fashion retailer […]

London - As is the case with most fashion weeks, the assemblages seen on the runway are best analysed, layer by layer, as there are so many styles and themes presented to make sense of what designers propose. There is a collective individualism to fashion this decade, where the options are never-ending […]

Fashion week always ends on a high note, not because it marks the end of four weeks, four cities and hundreds of shows and most editors are no longer compos mentis, but because the month-long catwalk season finishes in Paris, the city where the world's most beautiful clothes are seen on the runway. […]

London - In an effort to make Sydney a global force in fashion, IMG has announced that its annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia event will now take place in late May instead of April and will focus on resort collections. The aim of the shift in timing is to try and make Australian Fashion Week […]

Rapper Kanye West, whose growing presence in the fashion world has drawn a mixed reaction, says he faces discrimination for being straight. West last month suddenly announced a show of his military-inspired Yeezy line during New York Fashion Week, angering some more established designers. "I felt that […]

If Mad Max's female companions ever go shopping in their dystopian desert future-world, Louis Vuitton just might have an outfit to suit. The French fashion label on Wednesday unveiled a Spring/Summer collection at the Paris shows worthy of Road Warrior groupies: half bionic warrior, half punk ballerina. […]

Crowded airports, long security lines and flight delays. Flying today is not the most pleasant experience, and Karl Lagerfeld thinks those travelling on Chanel Airlines deserve a touch more glamour. The indefatigable 82-year-old fashion legend on Tuesday turned Paris's glass-roofed Grand Palais exhibition […]

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