The wedding industry has taken a hit since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, with events being postponed, dramatically reduced, or completely altered to accommodate the ever-changing restrictions on gatherings. For couples setting their sights on the day after Covid-19, this has also meant trying […]

It's the world's biggest market for luxury goods -- and their counterfeits -- so an expert eye for telling a bona fide Chanel handbag from a bogus one is a skill set in hot demand across China. Enter the "luxury appraiser", an diffrentiator of real from fake, trained to triage handbags, belts and garments […]

Image: Rupert and Buckley British fashion brand Rupert and Buckley has teamed up with Welsh actor Tom Ellis for a sustainable apparel collection raising money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Charity. The Tom Ellis collection, which will only be available until May 11, aims to raise 100,000 […]

COVID-19 is having lasting impact on retailers worldwide. This global pandemic is affecting how customers shop, how retailers sell and with rising unemployment since June 2020, there has been a steady increase in shoplifting. With all of these changes, it’s becoming clear retailers should be looking […]

Photo credit: Peclers Paris How do you process trend forecasting? It is like Archaeology, but instead of unravelling the past we collect pieces of a puzzle called the Future. Driven by never-ending curiosity and fine-tuned intuition, we gather every sign providing us emotion and inspiration. By careful […]

Lego Group Adidas Originals has partnered with the Lego Group to release a collection of sneakers in bold colors and textures that emulate a lego brick. The ZX 8000 Bricks Collection features six sneakers in Lego’s primary colors of red, green, yellow, blue, black, and grey. “Bringing the globally renowned […]

Image credit: Farming via Pexels When luxury companies began buying factories to keep artisan skills alive, it was a passive move into sustainability. It was also a way to stifle competition, where brands have priority ownership over their supply chains. Safeguarding craftsmanship From a craftsmanship […]

Etsy Fashion designer Prabal Gurung has launched an exclusive collection of home decor on e-commerce platform Etsy. The New York-based Nepalese designer stated the line celebrates wanderlust and the joys of living through self-expression. Pieces in the collection feature bold colors, florals, and hand-dyed […]

Accessory design is injected with the key themes of the season as ultimate comfort and vintage revival trends come to the fore. Bags, softs, jewellery and eyewear trends merge seamlessly with apparel, creating a top-to-toe look that sums up the consumer mindset. A blend of optimism for the future combined […]

From criticizing Vice President Kamala Harris' casual looks on the cover of Vogue, to shaming congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for wearing the wrong kind of shoes, it is an all too familiar rhetoric on the workwear of people in power, particularly women. The discussion represents a constant tension […]

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