INTERACTIVE TIMELINEThe shoe industry has reinvented itself over the last 3 centuries. The production process of shoe making started with tailor-made pairs, with shoemakers producing shoes by hand until the early 19th century. Almost a century later, the production process had become less customised […]

London - It may be hard to believe, but this year marks a decade since COS, the big sister brand of H&M, opened its first store on London's Regent Street. Back in 2007 COS first launched as a modern brand which aimed to offer consumer high quality garments that consisted of both wardrobe staples and […]

Nike has selected a handful of students from some of the world's premier fashion and design schools to translate the thematic concerns of the shoe into their unique designs. Azar Rajabi, Liam Johnson, Paula Canovas, Wanbing Huang and Shize He - students from Central Saint Martins, Domus Academy and […]

London - In its efforts to encourage textile innovation and led the way towards a circular economy within the fashion industry the H&M Foundation has launched the second cycle of its annual Global Change Awards. Now the second round of 5 winners have been selected and H&M has opened up its voting up […]

Trendstop's global catwalk team return from South America's premiere fashion event having identified the most essential styles to emerge from the Sao Paulo catwalks. The SPFW N43 edition of 31 fashion shows introduces 6 new designers to the schedule as the event continues to operate outside the traditional […]

Loose-fitting "modest wear" combines with monotone sporty minimalism in the unconventional motifs of Rani Hatta's Muslim-influenced collection. Eschewing the hijab, her female models cover their hair with a baseball-like cap worn over a tight hood and stylish big turtle-neck collar. The up-and-coming […]

For years headquartered in dull but convenient shopping malls, Tokyo Fashion Week has always been a poor cousin to the artistry of Paris or the commercial dynamism of New York. But this season a growing number of designers are branching out in search of new pastures, consciously or sub-consciously taking […]

Britain's impending divorce from the European Union helped inspire perhaps the least likely cultural response: a Korean designer's fashion show on the other side of the planet in Tokyo. In unisex brand ACUOD by CHANU's mission to sweep away gender boundaries, the Japanese-trained Chanwoo Lee gave the […]

So far in this series we have heard from designers who feel they have been exploited in the past by interviewers who have asked them to do a project in order to get a job, then often heard nothing or been dismissed with a brief email from an anonymous HR representative upon submission of the requested […]

London - The denim industry has been through several incarnations in the past few decades and is again undergoing a major transformation. The humble jean has come a long way since it was patented by Levi Strauss in 1873 but today the business of premium denim is one that has matured, growing a lowly […]

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