In this episode, Conscious Chatter talks to sustainable advocate, Isaias Hernandez, about the importance of finding your niche and sustainable shopping. Listen to the podcast below. Source: Conscious Chatter via Stitcher Photo credit: Unsplash

In this episode, Spirit of 608 speaks to the author of The Conscious Closet, Elizabeth Cline. She discusses her story as an entrepreneur and her thoughts on the mind’s role in leading the life you want. Listen to the podcast below. Source: Spirit of 608 Podcast via Spotify

In this episode, Dirty Laundry speaks to Dr Dion Terrelonge about the psychology of how consumers shop and dress themselves and the relationship between fashion and body image. Listen to the podcast below. Source: Dirty Laundry via Spotify

“Some fashion schools and universities will be looking for students that are able to connect with global issues, with inclusivity being one of them. Students who bring innovation and critical thinking to these issues through the creative process will be the most attractive candidates for these institutions.” […]

In this episode, Recloseted Radio discusses her career journey and how to build a sustainable brand. Listen to the podcast below. Source: Recloseted Radio via Listennotes

In this episode, Girlboss to CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, Sallie Krawcheck about her career and why not enough women are investing. Listen to the podcast below. Source: Girlboss via Stitcher

In this episode, UnEdited is joined by the vice president of global apparel at The North Face, Kelly Cortina, to discuss how Covid-19 has impacted retailers' sustainability efforts and sustainable fashion demand among Gen Z consumers. Listen to the podcast below. Source: UnEdited via Spotify Photo credit: […]

In this episode, The Glossy Podcast interviews the president of the CR Fashion Book, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, about his company, the possibility and difficulty of launching his publication in China and collaborating on a fully digital show. Listen to the podcast below. Source: The Glossy Podcast via […]

In this episode, member of the Gucci global equity board and of the Gucci global corporate executive committee Bethann Hardison and publisher Kim Hastreiter discuss designer Willi Smith’s life in New York during the 80s on the Gucci Podcast. Listen to the podcast below. Gucci Podcast · Bethann Hardison […]

In this episode, Fashion is your Business interviews retail expert and founder of The Lion’esque Group, Melissa Gonzalez, about her career and navigating leadership through a pandemic. Listen to the podcast below. Source: Fashion is your Business via Stitcher

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