Moncler is moving forward in its plans to consolidate the brand’s presence in Scandinavia. After opening its first store in Stockholm, Sweden, in December 2017, the brand is now entering the Norwegian market with a retail space in Oslo. The new store, which spans over 320 square meters (approximately […]

Japanese casual retailer Uniqlo announced plans to launch its first store in Ho Chi Mihn City in the fall of 2019. The company is soon to begin recruiting employees for the new shop. “Our entry into Vietnam is an exciting milestone for everyone at Uniqlo. The Southeast Asia region has been an important […]

Nike has reopened its stores in South Africa, following the controversy which caused the brand to close some shops in the country last Wednesday. A video which went viral on South African social media showed a white man saying the word “kaffir”, which is equivalent to the N word in the United States. […]

PVH Corp. has announced that it is expanding presence of its heritage brand Izod into Europe. Beginning fall 2018, the company said in a statement, customers in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia will be able to shop the classic American Izod products including, shirts, polos, T-shirts, […]

Shopping from the comfort of home or our mobile phones is a convenience we can no longer live without. But where do all the clothes come from that don’t originate from boutiques or the shop floor? They are stored in warehouse hubs, often in locations we may not come to expect. According to the CBRE […]

One year after launching its first products on Chinese e-commerce platform, Swiss watch and jewelry maker Chopard is releasing an official flagship store in partnership with China’s largest e-tailer. said in a statement that Chopard will be able to offer more products to Chinese consumers […]

Victoria’s Secret is struggling. Amidst the #metoo and body positivity movements, the brand best known for the flawless models strutting in angel wings has fallen out of fashion. After announcing its Q2 results last Thursday, the brand’s parent company, L Brands, has announced the closure of 20 Victoria’s […]

Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has launched an English-language one-stop webstore for all of his brands, called ‘The Shop Yohji Yamamoto’. The fashion house’s e-commerce will feature web-only brand S'yte, Yohji Yamomoto Produce, which reproduces his signature hits, genderless Ground Y line, casual […]

Fashion and accessories label Uterqüe from the makers of Zara has launched a flagship store on Tmall in China, with an aim to establish its presence in the country. After launching online, the company plans to open brick-and-mortar stores in China. “With the rapid growth of the market for high-end goods […]

INTERACTIVE Times are changing in retail office space: inflexible tasks in tiny, uninspiring offices are now a thing of the past. The contemporary working environment demands flexibility and self-innovation of employees. The Hugo Boss campus in Metzingen, Germany, which employs 2500 people, has been […]

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