China is projected to become one of the world’s largest consumer markets as consumption in the region continues to grow exponentially. According to a 2016 study conducted by McKinsey & Company, the majority of Chinese consumers are increasingly interested in buying premium quality products across categories, […]

Alternative payment solutions are on the rise, giving consumers more purchasing power by allowing them to buy-now-pay-later. As new providers of payment solutions pop up, retailers are given more opportunities to offer their shoppers pay-later schemes. Global payment technology solution company SplitIt […]

Chinese New Year is a major event on the retail calendar for fashion brands, much like Christmas in the West. This year’s unfortunate break-out of the coronavirus will have an enormous impact on Chinese spending abroad and back home. Early predictions of overseas holiday spending to increase 13 percent […]

INTERVIEWMore often than not, omnichannel retail involves integrating technological features into a physical store environment to bring the ease of discovery and quick check-out from e-commerce into brick-and-mortar. But one company is bringing the human interactive component of physical retail into […]

New York - During his inaugural speech at National Retail Federations’ 2020 Vision conference on Sunday, the CEO of Microsoft urged retailers to embrace the imperative of “tech intensity”. “What I always tell retailers is that you can’t be cool by association, by riding along with somebody else’s technology,” […]

Forever 21 is targeting consumers in Canada, Asia, APAC and LATAM through localized online stores. The American retailer has teamed with cross-border e-commerce solutions provider Global-e to build its localized digital stores and accelerate online growth in each specific market. The new online stores […]

Gen Z, digital natives aged between 7 and 23, is a massively fetishized group when discussing the future of retail. So Stylus forecasters at the semi-annual Decoded Future New York created a presentation focused on how to tap into this 40 percent of consumers, which now harbor some major spending power. […]

IN PICTURES A look at the competition, almost everyone does. How do they set up their shop, how is the routing and which style is chosen? Although some retailers are convinced that you should never look at someone else, the FashionUnited article 'Retail inspiration: 9 new store concepts of recent times' […]

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