With a second wave of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions to contend with, retailers must navigate the holiday and discounting season with data to be able to respond as quickly as possible. According to retail data intelligence experts Edited, Black Friday reductions are being offered early. In Europe Italy […]

When it comes to fashion retail during the Covid-19 pandemic, the conversation has centered mostly on the overall viability of a retailer and their strategies to overcome the decrease in brick and mortar shopping. And this makes sense, considering the onslaught of bankruptcies that were unleashed in […]

Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and even Target have boarded up stores as extra security measures during the current election chaos in the US. Retailers have long suffered in times of political unrest, most notably this summer during protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. “While […]

British online supermarket Ocado is considering an expansion into clothing and homeware. The retailer has seen impressive growth recently and has increasingly been selling the technology driving its automated warehouses to other companies around the world. The company said Monday it has bought two US […]

London-based fine jewellery brand The Alkemistry has launched its first pop-up in the Middle East. The pop-up will be located within Galeries Lafayette in Doha, Qatar from this November and will showcase new designs from The Alkemistry’s most popular female designers alongside their very own unique […]

Boris Johnson has announced a month-long lockdown in England to start on Thursday that will see all non-essential retailers close. It will be the second nation-wide lockdown since the Covid-19 outbreak, with the first three-month lockdown beginning in March. Johnson said this time the lockdown will […]

When it comes to sustainability and caring about the environment, fashion has been a bit behind the curve compared with other other industries such as tech. This tumultuous year has led major fashion brands to re-evaluate how they will move forward in sustainability and digitization. Fashion tech ventures […]

Saks Fifth Avenue has revealed a revamped website that includes additional features, improved site speed across desktop and mobile, and enhanced search capabilities. The re-launched site, which marks the company’s first comprehensive website makeover in the past five years, now features a more prominent […]

Adidas has reopened the doors of its newly-renovated store on Münzstrasse in Berlin - the world's first Adidas Originals Flagship Store. The newly-developed store concept is called The Collection and is inspired by the sportswear giant’s archive in Herzogenaurach, the German city where the brand was […]

The UK’s shop vacancy rate rose to 13.2 percent in Q3 from 12.4 percent in Q2 amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, marking the ninth consecutive quarter of increasing rates. That increase was experienced across all locations, with shopping centres hit hardest, increasing to 16.3 percent from 14.3 percent […]

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