Video: Production Coordinator at Coach back to work during pandemic

There are certain jobs in the fashion industry that are not able to transition entirely into remote work such as roles in production. In this video, Renata D’Agrella, Production Coordinator at Coach, vlogs about what it’s like to return to the office while New York City is still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

After months of quarantine, D’Agrella is now working a few times a week from Coach’s global headquarters at Midtown Manhattan’s Hudson Yards. Unlike many New Yorkers who escaped the city during lockdown, she stayed almost the entire time. Throughout the video, D’Agrella shares with viewers what her job entails, why it’s difficult for her to work remotely, what her day to day tasks are, and how it feels working in New York City during an ongoing pandemic. For example, being one of three employees on an office floor that usually houses 400 people and social distancing while assisting photoshoots.


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