How did clothing gets so cheap? This video explore the evolution of technological innovation that makes our manufacturing lines more efficient than ever. Source: How To Make Everything, Youtube

Evolution of patterns in fashion for the past 100 years. Source: Glamour Magazine, Youtube

Explore the relationship between feminist development and fashion in the last century in this hand-illustrated video. Source: Adrienne Collins, Youtube

Enschede Textielstad is a sustainable weaving mill in former textile city Enschede. We produce high quality fashion and interior textiles from recycled and/or locally sourced yarns. Source: Enschede Textielstad, YouTube.

British fashion designer Molly Goddard shares her personal stories of creation, and her relationship with clothes. Source: Youtube, Molly Goddard

Fashion designer Danielle Atkinson tells the story of her late switch into fashion design at age thirty, and the subsequent journey of setting up her own label in this candid interview with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. Source: Youtube, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

The acclaimed fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi ventures into the world of child theatre. Source: Youtube, CBS

A roundup of the best of fashion in 2018, according to A Fashion. Source: Youtube, A Fashion

Forbes compiled a list of the highest paid models of the year 2018. Source: Youtube, Forbes

Technical University of Delft collaborates with one of the world's most avant garde designers, Iris Van Harpen. Source: Youtube, TU Delft

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