In this episode of 20 Questions with…, founders Artur Tadevosian and Florence Cools of the luxury Belgian brand Damoy discussed their journey, the biggest lessons they have learned and more. Listen to the podcast below. Source: 20 Questions with… via Spotify Photo credit: Damoy Antwerp, Facebook

Swati Kalsi, based in India, is known as much for her fashion designs as her museum art installations. Due to the high level of craftsmanship and artistry, Sass Brown points out that much of what Swati does doesn’t come cheap, adding “she’s known first and foremost for these exquisite, museum quality […]

In this episode of Chanel Connects in a conversation led by the editor-at-large of The Business of Fashion Tim Blanks, the Wendy Yu curator-in-charge at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum Andrew Bolton and long-time collaborator of Karl Lagerfeld Amanda Harlech discussed various perspectives […]

In this episode, The Wardrobe Crisis interviews the CEO of Culture is Life, Belinda Duarte. She discussed how her organisation works to empower young people through Indigenous-led solutions and cultural connection. Listen to the podcast below. Source: The Wardobe Crisis via OmnyStudio

In this episode, Dior Talks interviews the founders of the Recycle Group, Georgy Kuznetsov and Andrey Blokhin, about transposing Lady Dior into the digital era. Listen to the podcast below. Source: Dior Talks

In this episode, The Glossy Podcast interviewed the CEO of The Glow Concept and Winky Lux, Natalie Mackey, about the future of the in-store beauty experience and developing skincare with Instagram in mind. Listen to the podcast below. Source: The Glossy Podcast via Megaphone

In this episode of Chanel Connects, singer Pharrell Williams had a conversation with stage designer Es Devlin about how technology is changing us, the need to elevate black entrepreneurs and more. Listen to the podcast below. Source: Chanel Connects via Spotify Photo credit: Courtesy of Chanel

In this episode, The Collector’s House has interviewed the senior fashion editor of Australian Vogue and stylist Christine Centenera about her life in Sydney, working with celebrities such as Kanye and Virgil Abloh, and more. Listen to the podcast below. Source: The Collector’s House via Listen Notes […]

In this episode, Reclosted Radio has discussed how to avoid making ‘newcomer’ mistakes when starting a brand. Listen to the podcast below. Source: Reclosted Radio via Spotify Photo credit: Unsplash

French fashion house Chanel has launched a new podcast series, Chanel Connects. In this episode, artist Arthur Jafa connects with painter Jennifer Packer in a conversation led by Hans Ulrich Obrist, a curator and the artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries in London. They discuss the different […]

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