Paris’ Pompidou Center to acquire fashion items for its permanent collection

The French National Museum of Modern Art, also known as Centre Pompidou or Pompidou Center, will soon add fashion items to its permanent collections. The announcement was made by the museum’s director, Bernard Blistène, during a dinner organized by the Fashion and Haute Couture Federation (Féderation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode), according to several news reports.

“We decided to open our collections to fashion designers, which is more than a simple decision. It is a statement because we consider that fashion designers are closer than we think to the greatest inventors, experimenting in quite a lot of things”, Blistène is quoted by WWD as saying. “So it’s time to open our collections to the greatest names in order to think that the link between design, architecture, visual art and fashion has always been stronger than we think”.

Blistène did not specify which fashion designers will have their work showcased at Centre Pompidou, neither did he say when the pieces will be acquired.

Picture: Pixabay


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