Adidas has recently decided to move more into lifestyle products. The iconic shoe brand has teamed up with Zound Industries International AB in order to now sell more products.

Known more for their three-striped sneakers, Adidas is venturing into headphones with this partnership. The fashion brand will sell two lines of headphones from Zound including one specifically designed for sports, as reported by Business of Fashion. Zound will help Adidas with designing and manufacturing for the product.

Although Adidas is most strongly known for its shoes, the company is planning to move into other retail categories. As Zound generated sales of approximately 1.04 billion Swedish kronor (130 million dollars) in 2016, according to Bloomberg, it's safe to assume that the company can help move product for the Adidas brand. With this new venture, it'll be interesting to see if Adidas will be as popular in selling headphones more so than its shoes and apparel.


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