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Anatomy of a trend by Christine Boland: GREEN

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credit: Pexels and Dior FW21, Catwalkpictures

In ‘Anatomy of a trend’ trend analyst Christine Boland anatomizes a specific trend worth keeping an eye on.

The trend
“It is striking that the colour green - in all its lush shades - is far from disappearing, particularly in fashion, beauty and interior design. We see green in several forms: combined with each other (ton-sur-ton and faux camaieux), with other colours providing a surprising accent and in leaf inspired designs and patterns. Also in innovative new plant-based yarns and materials, such as fruit leather. Furthermore this trend is reflected in a growing love for plant-filled botanical interiors, visible root structures, greening architecture, urban agriculture and plant-based dishes.”

The origin
“Currently everything revolves around reinvesting meaning into things and the systems that surround us. A reset of the balance between man and the natural world being an important part of this movement. Our interest in nature and the botanical world deepens. Whereas before it was all about nature making its way back into our lives, now it has expanded into indigenous and naturally living communities serving as the biggest inspiration. They live in total balance with their environment (regenerative lifestyle), know the beneficial effects of plants and amazingly have countless names for green. As a result we are also expanding and rediscovering the science of nature: exploring new edible plants, nuts and seeds, the medicinal effects of greenery and all the additional benefits that plants have on our wellbeing.”

credit: Pexels and Dior FW21, Catwalkpictures

The relevance
“We are more and more aware of the positive effect that green and greenery has on us. For instance: a restaurant that has incorporated living greenery into its design, guests linger longer. And, it has been proven that by adding plants to your store or concept, customers feel more at ease and therefore the transition into ‘buying mode’ will be faster. I foresee that our relationship with green will become even more important and intimate in the future.”

The influencers
“The film ‘Into the Jungle’ by Mark Hanlin and the ‘Green Up To Cool down’-movement are important influencers behind this trend. Fashion wise it’s the runway shows from Sacai, Valentino, Krizia, Acne and Stella McCartney that call the shots. But maybe even more important: the book ‘Lo-TEK, Design by Radical Indigenism’ by designer, activist and academic Julia Watson and plantlover Instagrammers like @thejungalow, @urbanjungleblog, @plantkween and @hiltoncarter.”

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