Los Angeles brand Defyant has seemed to move forward in 2018. It seems the California-based label is attempting to rebrand with a fresh, new look.

The capsule now shows growth with the label focusing on an edgier, Los Angeles-influenced aesthetic. “...I took over the brand because I loved the name Defyant and wanted to stay true to the name because that’s always been my attitude," creative director and owner Joe Jihoon told WWD after acquiring the business. "So at the end of the day, I just wanted to graduate [the brand] from high school.” The capsule shows new designs including innovative prints and renewed silhouettes. Instead of sticking to the same template most streetwear brands use and focusing on logo'd merchandise, Defyant is moving towards real, effective change.

The line will range in price from 50 to 300 dollars. Originally, the clothing retailed from approximately 25 to 120 dollars before Jihoon took over. Established in 2006, the lifestyle brand used an artistic message to portray its premium streetwear clothing. With the new collection, Defyant will be working to rebrand as a new label. "I wanted to offer new designs, something really unique that’s not identifiable by a logo but by the way they’re cut, silhouettes and the print," he told WWD. "We feel like these design elements give us an authenticity and a platform to stand on and say that claim that we’re actually elevating the look."


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