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Christine Boland Live@Lunch inspiration intermezzo: Interior and Colours special

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Over your lunch break, get to know everything about the trends in interior (including visual merchandising) and colour for the coming year.

Sounds great, right? Tune in at Christine Boland’s recurrent Live@Lunch inspiration intermezzos and - in a short but very inspiring 30 minute session - the renowned trend analyst will provide you with just that.

“These Live@Lunch intermezzos are all about taking the time to recharge your creative battery - without it being a time consuming activity”, Christine Boland explains. “Just sit down, have your lunch and be inspired!”

One of the 2022’s most striking interior and colour trends Boland taps into during her latest Live@Lunch, is the urge to rewild our own living environment. “We have all recently been obliged to experience the full might of nature’s power. We are thrown back to an existence closer to earth’s core strengths, as well as our own… This finds expression in botanic colours plus materials and design inspired by raw nature, indigenous crafts and native constructions”, says the trend forecaster.

Think of the use of clay and its colour gradients, grass-like furniture, moss-like carpets and - more literally - buildings, shops and hotels where trees and plants are blended together in architecture and interior design. Boland: “What makes it so unique for this time and age is that this ‘rewilding’ is blurred with modernism and innovative techniques such as 3D printing.”

During the Live@Lunch these and all the other must-know trends are brought to life with clear examples and colour schemes.

A full replay of Christine Boland’s latest Live@Lunch is available now for free (normally €29,50), exclusively for FashionUnited. Watch it here.

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