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Consumers are looking for vibrancy in Fall 2021 styles

By Robyn Turk


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This year is going to see the most colorful fall yet. Stylists and trend forecasters are predicting that consumers are getting ready to emerge from the hardships of the past year with bright and playful fashions, just in time for Fall 2021.

We’re seeing a lot of really cool trends in colors this fall, which isn’t so typical - we usually see more color for spring, but those are going to carry through for fall as well,” Cait Barker, senior stylist at Hypeach, told FashionUnited.

Barker noted that bright colors will be playing a large role in fall trends, listing yellows, bright pinks and fuschia, as well as vibrant color combinations and patterns. This attitude flows into silhouettes as well, with shorter hemlines than had been typical of fall styles, as well as cut-out details that are usually reserved for spring looks.

“I think people just need a happier, brighter fall,” Barker commented. “This whole last year was kind of a bummer for fashion trends and going places. So I think that this fall is gonna be a lot more vibrant and fresh, so I think that part of that is the color, part of that is also silhouettes.”

Despite this vibrancy in design, comfort still remains a priority. Barker explained, “After being in sweats the last year, we’re really seeing that comfort is important when you’re dressing yourself, but I think that’s just translating in different ways - instead of sweatshirts, or joggers, we’re translating that into softer materials and oversized fits.”

According to Barker, the loungewear styles that had been popular throughout 2020 will be elevated with new fabrics, particularly chunky knits. Denim styles are evolving to oversized and relaxed fits, with wider legs and lower waistlines that emphasize comfort. Even leather pieces will turn away from the tailored, structured silhouette that had previously been trending.

Vibrant fall styles retailers should look for

Barker advises stockists to, “Keep in mind fun, bright colors and energy this fall.” As the world starts to open up, consumers will want to shop for clothing that feels fun and lively, yet comfortable enough for easy wear.

“Things are starting to open up, we’re starting to be more social, and I think that that’s the energy that’s going to carry through to fashion,” Barker said.

Image: courtesy of Stella McCartney

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