Dennis Basso celebrates 35 years of the Basso woman

Anniversary marks always make for a great celebration at New York Fashion Week. This fall/winter 2018 at New York Fashion Week, designer Dennis Basso celebrated his 35 year anniversary with a collection he designed with every type of Basso woman in mind. While his customer was once just the quintessential upper east side lady, today's Basso woman is also found in SoHo, Chelsea, London, skiing in the mountains and dancing black tie at any glamorous city around the world. Of course she also loves fur, don't forget the fur.

The opening look was a barguzin, golden and grey sable coat paired with a black hologram shirt and grey sequin stripe pants. This was a look for more of the high-fashion party girl ready to jet set around the world. It was a fitting introduction as Basso prepared to take us around the world with all 70 looks from this season's collection.

Dennis Basso celebrates 35 years of the Basso woman

Dennis Basso celebrates every kind of Basso woman at NYFW

A midnight denim embroidered shirt and camel/red leather skirt was very downtown chic and fashion girl on travel. It also let us know that Basso is beginning to design for a younger generation. One of the most delicate balancing acts for a designer is how to keep the traditional customer happy while appealing to the new one, something Basso proved he has the skill to do. After a series of embroidered pants and crepe trousers, the designer sent a honey embroidered gown down the runway.

He not only knows how to do the casual, but he's still a master of evening wear as well. From embroidery to fur trims, Basso knows how to do it all. A grey celestial embroidered gown had that perfect princess touch worthy of the red carpet and a black hologram dress was worthy of the gala's that many of Basso's clientele frequent.

With this collection Basso proved he's learned how eclectic his clientele has become. As a designer, he's learn to diversify his aesthetic, making it no secret how he's survived 35 years in an industry where designers are often in and out.

photos credit Catwalkpictures

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