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Fall 2021 womenswear trend: yellow

By Robyn Turk


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Moschino, Fall/Winter 2021

This fall will be a particularly colorful season. Designers have been integrating bold, saturated hues into their collections, turning away from the neutral, earthy tones typically associated with autumnal fashion.

Yellow was spotted in several Fall 2021 womenswear collections. Tod’s added accents of lemon yellow throughout its collection, seen in footwear, jackets and skirts. Etro took a similar approach, integrating a medium-yellow colorway into patterns throughout the range. Prada and Moschino each opted for bold, saturated yellow tones, which the former designers used on coats, and the latter on jackets, skirts and dresses.

Bold colorways have always held a place in contemporary styles, yet Fall 2021 is seeing an especially high amount of bright tones. As lifestyles begin to return to pre-pandemic normalities, consumers are ready to compensate for a year in lockdown with peppy, cheerful styles - which is translating into Fall 2021 seeing bright colors that are typically reserved for spring.

Tods & Etro, Fall/Winter 2021

The yellow styles to look out for in Pre-Fall 2021

Yellow will be used in a variety of fall pieces, ranging from puffer jackets to simple tops and trousers. Look for bright or bold hues either as solid colorways or used in playful prints and patterns. And yellow won’t be the only vivid color we see this season. Aqua, red and other saturated colors will play starring roles in Fall 2021.

Fall 2021