Helone launches The Villager

After a lengthy period of product development, European casual menswear brand Helone has announced their new classic linen shirt, The Villager. This is the first European casual shirt made from 80 percent natural superfine Merino wool and 20 percent bamboo viscose. While the shirt has been designed to look like linen, the fabric composition and proprietary weave have made it more high quality.

"We have spent the last two years developing a fabric that looks like linen, feels better than linen and completely outperforms linen," said Dr. Peter Simos, director of Helone. "Due to the natural properties of Merino wool and bamboo viscose, The Villager is wrinkle resistant, odor resistant, super soft and cool in summer."

The Villager is available in a slimmer fit than a typical standard fit, but it runs looser than a slim fit. This ensures that the shirt has a modern and tapered look while providing a more comfortable feel.

The company has tested The Villager on independent reviewers with all reviewers highly recommending the product. All reviewers were particularly impressed with the feel and performance of the fabric, saying it was so light that it felt like they were barely wearing anything at all.

The Villager is launching on Kickstarter with a significant discount. For a limited supply, those who order early can save more than 40 percent off the retail price. The company is looking to raise 130,000 Australian Dollars for the minimum order with 28 days to make it happen. They are aiming to deliver the shirts by June 2019.

photo: via PR Newswire

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