Simon Porte Jacquemus has opened the doors to a new restaurant in Paris. Oursin, which is the French term for “sea urchin,” is the second restaurant after Café Citron, which opened on the first floor of the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées in March 2019.

Oursin, like Café Citron, is also located in the Champs-Élysées at Galeries Lafayette on the second floor and created in partnership with Caviar Kaspia, according to WWD. Reflecting the designer’s fascination with the Mediterannean, Oursin is inspired by the coastal towns, featuring white walls adorned with thrifted ceramics.

Oursin’s menu includes Mediterranean delicacies, focusing on seafood and fish.

“WE ARE READY AND IM TO HAVE THE CHANCE IN MY LIFE TO EXPRESS MY VISION IN DIFFERENT WAYS, AND WORK ALONG WITH AMAZING PEOPLE JACQUEMUS IS NOT ABOUT FASHION ONLY BUT LIFE. WELCOME TO @oursinparis,” the Jacquemus founder and creative director wrote on his Instagram account. In a separate post, the designer shared that Oursin is the “little brother” of Citron.

Jacquemus’s two restaurants further the idea of his namesake label as more than a fashion brand. By providing consumers with an option to enjoy Jacquemus outside of the fashion world, they’re experiencing the lifestyle of its creator, and the world that inspires him.


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