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Kidswear takes the form of nostalgic, adaptable design for AW23

By FashionUnited


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Kidswear trends AW23. (From left) Images: BabyKid Spain and FIMI 2023, Pexels and Unsplash

Kidswear brands are turning their attention to Generation Alpha, the youngest consumer generation that are often defined by their individualistic approach to life – something that was inherently evident in trends for the AW23 season.

An important element Fashion Snoops noted was that inclusivity in childrenswear, and for this particular group, has expanded beyond gender to now cover all forms of accessible apparel, footwear and accessories. This factor was mirrored throughout almost all of the upcoming season’s trends, each created with the intention of adopting this expansive take on inclusivity. Next to gender-inclusive silhouettes, items must offer wearability to all, with similar price points and mass market availability.

FashionUnited has compiled the kidswear trends for AW23 from both Fashion Snoops and trade fair Playtime, to give an overview of what’s in-store for the younger generation.

Idyll: Rejuvenated academia

Idyll: Rejuvenated academia, kidswear trends AW23. Images all from Pexels.

This theme focuses on a modernised interpretation of academia, through which traditional cuts and styles are replaced with more experimental and carefree forms. This sees classic silhouettes reimagined into cosier items, with more casual fits and comfortable fabric choices. Furthermore, colours are an important element to this trend, as traditional patterns, such as chequered or polka dot, are reimagined in unexpected tones. Many references to the 70s can be found here, both in style and societal approach.

Enthrall: Nocturnal fascination

BabyKid Spain and FIMI 2023

One of Playtime’s defining trends was centred around the “world of wonderment”, where viewers are encouraged to see through the eyes of a child as they look towards everyday curiosities. While the trend aims to capture this sense of childlike fascination, the clothing translates into timeless fashion through elevated occasionwear pieces. This results in casual clothing reimagined through the use of luxe fabrics and sparkly embellishments, that mirror a child’s curiosity within the night.

Omni: Adaptable design

Omni: Adaptable design, kidswear trends AW23. (From left) BabyKid Spain and FIMI 2023, Unsplash and BabyKid Spain and FIMI 2023

In line with the mindset of Generation Alpha, Omni requires brands to think outside the box, adapting to the expectations of a new, young generation. As already mentioned, erasing the boundaries of gender is a significant part of this trend, with Alpha generally more drawn towards universal design. This means creating apparel and accessories that are accessible to all, and are adaptable and inclusive to anyone wishing to wear them.

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