L’Officiel, the media brand comprising 60 magazine titles across 30 countries, has created a fund to promote social, environmental and equality causes supported by their brand partners. The publication has committed to donating 60 million US dollars worth of advertising space, over two years, in its magazines, websites and social media posts.

“As we began to consider our own CSR initiatives as a company, we quickly realized that our biggest and most valuable gift was our global media network of more than 20 million people around the world and the exposure that could afford so many organizations doing great work on issues like the environment, poverty and equality," said Benjamin Eymere, CEO of L’Officiel, in a statement.

Brand partners will be able to choose from all titles including L'Officiel France, Italy, Germany, USA, China, Arabia, Brazil and Mexico, as well as L'Officiel Voyage, L'Officiel Art and L'Officiel Hommes.

In addition, L’Officiel is launching a dedicated website called L’Officiel Sharing, which will feature exclusively cause-related content in the form of articles, videos and digital advertising. The platform is set to go live next week.


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