Okapi launches its first fine jewellery collection

African luxury lifestyle brand, Okapi, which has become well known for its leather bags, has launched its first fine jewellery line, using the brand’s signature Springbok horn.

The Karoo Collection features black Springbok horn earrings and necklaces, each adorned in different precious and semi-precious stones, including turquoise, cognac and black diamonds as well as orange and blue sapphire and blue topaz.

Okapi launches its first fine jewellery collection

The springbok horn, an African talismanic charm believed to bring good luck to those who wear it, have been prepared by hand and polished by local artisans in the Karoo region. As each horn is unique, the hardware on the horn must be individually crafted to fit each piece.

Okapi’s evolution into jewellery also continues their commitment to sustainability using materials generated solely from the existing free-range farming industry in South Africa, and the use of the springbok horns into its jewellery means the items aren’t disregarded as waste, instead using it means they are creating sustainable jobs on the African continent.

Okapi launches its first fine jewellery collection

The luxury brand is strongly guided by the African philosophy of Ubuntu, ‘I am because we are.’ This means that they strive to incorporate social upliftment into the production practices - working closely with conservationists, fourth-generation leather craftsmen, and artisanal metal workers. This has helped Okapi create close relationships with the farming and artisan communities to give complete transparency and ensure that their natural materials are 100 percent traceable, ethical and sustainably-sourced.

Okapi launches its first fine jewellery collection

The Karoo Collection is available exclusively at Okapi and priced from 2,600 pounds.

Images: courtesy of Okapi


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