Puma releases collection made from textile industry waste

Sporting company Puma has released a collection of footwear, apparel, and accessories constructed from its own production waste and recycled materials.

Re.Gen collection was designed to minimize waste in the textile industry and incorporate recycled material from Puma’s production. It features leather off-cuts, recycled polyester made from recycled plastic, and 20 percent recycled cotton. All footwear in the collection is made with a least 20 percent recycled material.

Each piece in the collection is unique, mixing fabrics, colors, and cutlines, including different patterns inspired by broken-down plastic. A badge and label are included letting consumers know the history of the product.

“Puma is committed to reducing its environmental impact and living up to its code of being ‘forever better.’ Re.Gen is designed for this shared mindset; it’s a modern collection that minimizes waste and makes an environmental statement through street style,” stated the brand in a release.

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Puma Re.Gen

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