Rebecca Taylor has announced an upcoming collection called ReCollect, which will be made from recycled items of previous collections.

According to the brand's website, ReCollect will launch in Winter 2019. Rebecca Taylor describes the upcoming collection as ""A collection of beautiful, timeless Rebecca Taylor pieces from the past and present that embody our vision of creating stylish clothing that lasts forever. Enduring quality, enduring design - your favorite vintage pieces that feel as perfect now as they did then."

In the meantime, the brand has called on its customers to trade in their gently worn past purchases in exchange for store credit. It is currently accepting items for trade-in in its stores, and will continue to do so until ReCollect launches.

Traded-in pieces will be part of the ReCollect collection, which will be sold on the brand's e-commerce site. The brand has also announced that it will donate half of the proceeds from ReCollect to non-profit organization Cool Effect, which focuses on reducing carbon emissions and supports the recycle economy.


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