Lifestyle and footwear brand Sperry just announced the launch of its Spring/Summer 2018 campaign. The campaign, entitled Sperry Prep For All, launched as a way to highlight preppy style in a more lifestyle, all-compassing way.

"In an industry focused on individualism and immediacy, Sperry is an enduring cultural touchstone," Thomas Kennedy, president of Sperry, said in a press release. "We're not a brand that chases trends, instead we're a brand that believes our true measure is our ability to resonate with people across time, across generations and across social borders and that's what we're celebrating with our new campaign. We see the timelessness and universality of our products as a way to bridge genders, styles and backgrounds. Everyone can wear our shoes and know they look and feel good."

The new campaign shows prep culture fashion including various of bold, stylish shoes. The purpose of the new launch is to show off the brand in a way that is wearable for everyone. The campaign shows various individuals coming together to show that "prep style may have begun with a few, but now belongs to everyone," according to a press release from the company. The campaign is officially being showcased in both retail stores and online starting Monday, March 26.


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