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SS22 Fashion Trend Snack: the top 5 prints

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Of all the trends for next season, Christine Boland’s Trend Snack gives a ‘bite size’ report of the 5 must-do colours, fabrics, textures, patterns, silhouettes etc to incorporate into your fashion collection.

Today: it’s all about the prints.

#1 Shadow effects

as seen @ Fendi & Victoria Beckham

Image credit: Fendi SS22, Catwalkpictures, Pexels and Unsplash

SS22 is all about ‘less, but better’: a move towards a more calming, soothing pace and rhythm in this complex new world. This new view on minimalism is translated into fashion, for example, in functional clear shapes, the use of plain and natural materials and simplified geometric patterns. It is within this frame where the relevance of shadow effect originates. These shadow prints give a sense of depth and layering to flat fabric. Due to their minimal contrast, subtle colour palettes and very polished quality the resulting effect feels nearly transparent.

#2 Lace-print

as seen @ Chloe & Salvatore Ferragamo

Image credit: Ferragamo SS22, Catwalkpictures, Pexels and Unsplash

Within the VALUE THE TRUE ESSENCE (‘less, but better’) trend, there’s also a major role for lace, and therefore for it’s trompe l'oeil sister: lace-print. These prints bring a classic, romantic vibe to a look, with - thanks to the use of hightech print techniques - a modern touch. They are the epitome of innovation making way for innovation: deepening, revaluing and improving widely adopted technology.

#3 Personal statements

as seen @ Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana & Iceberg

Image credit: Louis Vuitton SS22, Catwalkpictures, Pexels and Unsplash

The swelling dissatisfaction with the current situation in the world has resulted in an ‘angry’ energy. Hence the mass protests witnessed before and during the pandemic. This energy results in fashion characterized by expressive statements. The used slogan, sign, letter and word-filled prints are bold in both colour and message and are used (almost provocatively) unconventionally: composed, de-composed, re-composed. For example, a potpourri of patterns and materials giving a patchwork or collage-style effect.

#4 ART

as seen @ Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane & Roksanda

Image credit: Vivienne Westwood SS22, Catwalkpictures, Pexels and Unsplash

The inequality, political unrest and frustration resulting from the pandemic give rise to a need for personal expression, which is particularly evident in loud art. As it always does in times of increasing discontent. And it's only a matter of time before this loud art finds its way into fashion. This time around in its prints and patterns. From photorealistic flowers and abstract shapes to drawings, doodles, scratches and paint strokes; all imagery is highly pronounced and expressive.

#5 Designed by nature

as seen @ Valentino, Dior & Threeasfour

Image credit: Valentino SS22, Catwalkpictures, Pexels and Unsplash

We long to be connected with nature. At the same time the virtual world is an endless source of inspiration for a new, surrealist design language with unprecedented colours. Which at times can be hyper-realistic, referring back to elements nature has already designed. The combination of these two movements results in a new take on botanical prints featuring weird and wonderful flowers, extremely refined leaf patterns and colourful insects, all with a huge tendency towards fantasy.

Hungry for more? During Digital Fashion Week you can check out the SS22 presentation on Tuesday. Or join Christine Boland’s LIVE TALK “Design Language Winter 22-23” for an in depth report on ALL the trends for next winter. When? June 23rd. Register now with this link

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