Temperley London awarded Butterfly Mark for commitment to #PositiveFashion

London - British fashion house Temperley London has been awarded Positive Luxury’s Butterfly mark for its commitment to sustainability across social good, environment, innovation, community investment and governance.

The award sees Temperley London join Positive Luxury’s exclusive community, which includes Givenchy, Thomas Pink, and Beulah London. In addition to work with external institutional partners and a sustainability council, Temperley London is also dedicated to upholding standards of excellence, responsible business practice, and thoughtful leadership.

“We are delighted to have been awarded the Butterfly Mark,” said Alice Temperley MBE, founder of Temperley London in a statement. “Responsibility is an important part of our business at Temperley London and we are always working hard to find solutions to the social and environmental challenges facing the fashion industry today – from our sourcing and production processes to our retail offerings.”

Temperley London awarded Butterfly Mark for commitment to #PositiveFashion

Positive Luxury honours Temperley London for its commitment to sustainability

Consumers will now be able to learn more about Temperley London’s commitments online by clicking on the interactive Butterfly Mark, which shares details of the brand’s positive actions and highlights their status as a trusted brand. “We integrate innovation and creativity into the heart of our company, using our expertise to choose high-end materials, create exemplary designs and produce quality garments with care,” said Patricia Sancho, Temperley London CEO. “This recognition from Positive Luxury is a brilliant way to inform consumers about our positive environmental and social practices.”

Positive Luxury, an online platform which empowers people to make better purchasing choices, uses its interactive Butterfly Mark to transparently showcase luxury brands that offer sustainable products. In order to be awarded this prestigious trust mark, brands must pass a stringent annual assessment which examines sustainability from a holistic point of view; encompassing governance, social and environmental frameworks, philanthropy and innovation.

Temperley London awarded Butterfly Mark for commitment to #PositiveFashion

Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder and CEO of Positive Luxury, added: “We are thrilled to welcome Temperley London into our community of purpose-driven luxury brands taking actionable measures towards becoming responsible businesses. Through a commitment to social and environmental causes, Temperley London shows that fashion can be a force for good, paving the way for a better future.”

Brands which hold the Butterfly Mark are free of fur, angora and PVC, ensure fair labour practices and conditions for workers, commit to UN global goals and support philanthropic initiatives, such as Women for Women International.

Photos: Courtesy of Positive Luxury and Temperley London


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