University of Leeds announces textile training courses

The University of Leeds has announced textile training courses that will be held in November at the main campus and in Manchester. The courses are specifically tailored so that there is something for everyone involved with textiles-from designers, merchandisers to technologists.

Five days of textiles – November 4 to 8 (Manchester)

This course is for anyone wishing to gain in-depth textile knowledge in a very short space of time. The course gives a deep understanding of fibres, yarns and fabrics, their design and construction into performance clothing, fashion, household and interior textiles. The training will be of huge value to all those involved with textiles, fashion, retail, buying, selection and merchandising, including designers and technologists along with new entrants into the dyeing, printing and finishing industry. Spread out over five days, the tuition for this course is a total of 995 pounds.

Textile specifications and interpreting results – November, 12 (Leeds)

Designed to help write and understand specifications, this course will cover testing procedures and understanding their results. Delegates are asked to bring along their own specifications, products and results. The training will benefit anyone involved with product development, garment technologists, merchandisers and anyone involved in testing and quality control. The tuition for this course is 325 pounds.

Weave & woven fabrics – November 14 to 15 (Leeds)

This newly revised practical course will be of benefit to those involved in merchandising, selection, specification, quality control and buyers. Over the two days, the training covers fabric production, fabric design and construction, analysis and faults in fabrics; along with understanding specifications and their importance. After attending this course, delegates will be able to recognise different weaves, woven fabric composition as well as understanding specifications and common fault recognition. The tuition for this course is 545 pounds.

Introduction to colour measurement – November 21 (Leeds)

Managing and understanding colour from the design stage to the finished product can be a difficult activity, colour perception is subjective and can, therefore, be inconsistent. The training provides basic yet comprehensive knowledge on many aspects of colour awareness, assessment and measurement. It will prove invaluable for those involved with colour assessment, colour quality monitoring, evaluation and should be useful for anyone who uses colour in their work. The tuition for this course is 325 pounds.

Photo: University of Leeds


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