Imagine walking past a city park bench, empty except for a beautiful handbag sat alone like it has been left by someone. Imagine that from this handbag a cat’s meow is audible. One would find it odd to say the least.

This scenario is the latest engagement marketing campaign from Italian luxury brand Valentino, who have made a unique film using unscripted footage surprising passersby.

Titled “Expect the Unexpected,” Valentino’s film features its Rockstud Spike handbag and cleverly captures the moment of surprise. Those featured in the video were unaware they were being filmed or indeed pranked, which was later shared on social media.

The video begins with a brief descriptive: "On the streets of Brick Lane, Rockstud Spike stars in a real camera candid moment. No real cat was in the bag.”

A similar video with candid moments shows passersby on the streets of London coming in contact with a street salesman, selling Valentino bags for a mere 200 pounds. Nobody believes the bags could be real.

According to Luxury Daily, Valentino is often developing unique and interesting campaigns that stand out amongst the crowd.