Zulily is positioning itself as a viable competitor to powerhouse digital retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

The online retailer of clothing and lifestyle items has integrated its first-ever competitor price tool to its site to help its customers make purchase decisions. Zulily stated that 59 percent of online shoppers are doing more comparison shopping and are more informed than they were previously, and therefore decided to launch this feature ahead of the 2019 holiday season.

The price comparison features is available on both Zulily's website and app, to show how its prices compare to the prices of the same items on Amazon and Walmart.

“While shoppers perceive that Amazon and Walmart have the lowest prices, we are confident that we provide shoppers the best deal," Zulily's president Jeff Yurcisin said in a statement. "Pricing is so easily obfuscated across the web. When you think about saving $5-$10 on an item, and purchasing multiple items, per order, which many of our customers do, that’s meaningful to a household budget at scale."

Zulily offers its shoppers deals through curated sales that feature products up to 70 percent off and run for 72 hours. Its price comparison tool helps shoppers to make informed decisions quickly for the limited-time sales events.

The retailer has also launched a holiday price guarantee for the 2019 season. Called the Best Price Promise, Zulily's guarantee will match a competitor's price if a customer purchases an item from Zulily and then finds it for a lower price on Amazon or Walmart.

“In support of our mission to deliver value, we also created the Best Price Promise to bring a level of transparency and simplicity to the customer by elevating the retail tradition of price match guarantees in the age of mobile shopping," Yurcisin said.


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