Eidos taps Simon Spurr as the new Creative Director

Isaia Corp has appointed Simon Spurr as Creative Director of Eidos. The company said in a statement that Spurr will have creative responsibility overseeing the Eidos brand’s collections and image.

Commenting on Spurr’s appointment, Isaia CEO and Eidos owner, Gianluca Isaia said in a media statement: "I have been following Simon's career for a number of years, and always enjoyed his use of consistent messages in his storytelling. He has a strong viewpoint and always designs with an eye on what the market is doing. He is mindful of how his target consumers prefer to interact with the brand. He understands engagement and how it drives business at all levels. Needless to say, we are very excited to have him at the helm.”

The company added that Spurr’s appointment reinforces Eidos’s commitment to its roots in tailored clothing, while injecting a distinctly elevated and modern approach to its design and personality under his watchful eye.

Prior to EIDOS, Spurr has designed menswear for Saint Laurent under the guidance of Hedi Slimane, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, and Ralph Lauren Black Label, before launching his own brands; Spurr and Simon Spurr.

“Neapolitan tailoring is known as some of the highest quality craftsmanship in the world, and the opportunity to work with such an iconic parent company with the resources of ISAIA, is a dream come true. During this climate of change within the fashion industry, the fact that Eidos is still a growing brand, and therefore, nimble to react, is a huge advantage. I look forward to injecting Eidos with an elevated, modern point of view - with a goal to better serve customers’ needs in a thoughtful, engaging way,” added Spurr.

The company noted that Spurr’s first Eidos collection will debut for the fall/winter 2018/2019 season in Milan. Led by Isaia’s President of North America, James Shay, the brand will sold at the top retailers and wholesale partners globally, before launching its own ecommerce platform in late 2018 or early 2019.

Picture credit:Isaia


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