Gucci announces new Gucci Pin

Gucci has announced its third wave of Gucci Pin, the series of ephemeral stores inspired by the pins seen on interactive digital maps. This follows the two previous chapters, with the pins launched respectively in November 2019 and January 2020 and designed to showcase the 2019 Gift Giving and the Lunar New Year collections.

Gucci Pins are connecting and engaging with clients in cities all over the world and their surrounding communities. The initiative lands now in Chicago, where a Gucci-personalized pin will appear on Google Maps.

Gucci announces new Gucci Pin

The Chicago GG Psychedelic Gucci Pin is dedicated to the debuting eponymous collection, which is all about color, energy, impact and a dreamlike spirit. For this, Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele has taken the GG logo and playfully reinterpreted it with a streetwear attitude through the addition of a multicolor stars motif to create a thoroughly contemporary and distinctive pattern and applied to different pieces including men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, handbags, luggage, shoes, small leather goods, accessories and a watch, and inspires a range of fine jewelry. The Chicago GG Psychedelic Gucci Pin is also home to an exclusive printed basketball in celebration of NBA All Star Weekend.

The approach channels the spirit of ‘70s psychedelia, which played with visual distortion, surreal imagery and wide color spectrums. Coherently, the Chicago GG Psychedelic Gucci Pin creates a dreamscape of nocturnal refractions and reflections, taking us into a fantastical night club where visitors are welcome to join the party.

The release of the GG Psychedelic Collection is accompanied with images by photographer Jordan Hemingway. Set in a cloakroom – the magical scene of metamorphosis – and then moving to the dance floor, the images are infused with the reflected light from mirror balls. As the night-loving creatures mingle and dance, the spinning ball picks up pace and hypnotises, eventually playfully absorbing the clubbers into a surreal space with giant mirrored walls.

photos: courtesy of Gucci


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