Retail platform b8ta continues to grow. The four-year-old company announced the close of its Series C equity funding round this week, which brought in 50 million dollars in funding. Investors include Macy's Evolution Ventures.

b8ta has been a pioneer in positioning retail as a service since its launch in 2015. Through b8ta's platform, brands can access physical retail with the same ease that they access digital advertising.

The company currently operates the largest experiential retail footprint in the world, with over 50 million product engagements and the launch of more than 1,000 brands on its platform.

“Stores today are serving as story-telling platforms for brands rather than sales channels," Vibhu Norby, co-founder and CEO of b8ta, said in a statement.

"Product discovery and sales happen in different places. We are at the very beginning of the age of experiential retail, a post e-commerce era that will change the way we all shop for decades to come. Our latest round allows us to meet the global demand for our stores and software.”


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