Nike links with Readymade on new sneaker launch

Nike’s earliest basketball shoe, the Blazer Mid, has been transformed. The shoe features a deconstructed, DYI approach featuring a thinner, more prolonged, half-stitched swoosh taking inspiration from the logo’s 1971 version.

The shoe captures Readymade founder Yuta Hosokawa’s core design values and philosophy of upcycling. The shoe’s rubber outsole is made with 15 percent mixed recycled materials originating from Nike manufacturing scrap and worn-out sneakers that would have otherwise entered the waste stream.

“We deconstructed the Blazer and recreated it without losing sight of its DNA,” the Readymade designer said in a press release. “I have been playing basketball since I was in third grade. The first pair of shoes I bought for myself were Nikes. That’s how I came to like fashion.”

Photo credit: Nike


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