Inditex continues with its supply strategy, following the trail of other heavyweights in the sector such as LVMH or Chanel and incorporating its suppliers into its investment portfolio.

In fact, Inditex already controls 100 percent of the capital of Indipunt SL, its largest supplier. The firm based in Arteixo appears in the Mercantile Registry as a sole proprietorship whose sole shareholder is Inditex.

It should be recalled that, to date, Inditex controlled 51 percent of the capital in Indipunt. The group created by Amancio Ortega invested for the first time in the tricot company in 1997, acquiring a controlling stake in Indipunt in 1997.

Indipunt SL registered 71,341,280 euros of sales in 2015, obtaining the first position in the Spanish newspaper ‘El Economista’ Ranking of Companies of the category.


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