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Patagonia files lawsuit against OC Media over ‘Petrogonia’ line

By Marjorie van Elven



OC Media, an oil-and-gas marketing company from Wyoming launched a clothing range called “Petrogonia” and Patagonia is having none of it. The Canadian label has filed a lawsuit against OC Media in California for infringing its trademark and using Patagonia’s designs to “confuse the consumer”.

Petrogonia’s logo is “nearly identical” to Patagonia’s, the outdoor brand says, “only replacing the mountain silhouette with machinery associated with oil wells”. Even the font used in the logo is the same.

“Without any authorization and without taking into account our rights as a trademark, OC began manufacturing and selling clothing products and accessories with the name and brand Petrogonia, along with an identical design to our logo,” Patagonia wrote in a press release.

“Our brand is famous for its meaning, has a strong recognition by the consumer throughout the world and in the United States for our high quality and our responsibility as a company,” they added.

Pictures: Patagonia, OC Media, Facebook

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