Topshop & Topman to re-launch in Australia

Following a bleak summer for Topshop/Topman Australia, the brands have announced that they will be relaunching into the Australian market.

Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia Group stepped in to save the Australian arm of Topshop/Topman, following their voluntary administration under management by Austradia in May.

Four stores will now relaunch in Gowings, Emporium, Bondi and Brisbane, wholly owned by Arcadia and operated by the brands themselves.

Rising pressures

Accumulation of 35 million Australian Dollars worth of debt by Austradia resulted in the closure of half of Topshop/Topman franchise stores in June. Concessions in Myer department stores were also closed, with no details as to whether they will be relaunched.

Contributed to by the Australian launch of European rivals H&M and Zara, the brands have since been competing for sales, with Topshop/Topman falling behind.

Now reopening, a spokesperson for the brand said: “We are excited to operate directly in the Australian market and look forward to delivering unparalleled fashion to our customers. We are delighted to be offering 290 jobs within the Australian market at Topshop and Topman."

Topshop and Topman, headed by the Arcadia Group are at the forefront of high street fashion. The brands operate in more than 30 countries worldwide, with a combined number of 1120 stores and franchises.

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