Converse sneakers launches Made by You

Iconic sneaker company Converse has launched Made by You, a campaign to celebrate the wearer's experiences and creative self-expression marked on each pair of iconic Chuck Taylor All Stars. Every sneaker tells a story, with each stain, scratch and scribble acting as a self-portrait representing the spirit, rebellion and of course fashion of its wearer.

Last week, walls in North, South, East and West London were taken over to show original artwork of Daniel Hirschmann, Sean Frank, Ashley Jagdeo and Sam Taylor, along with each creative's sneaker portrait and their "Six Word Story" about Chuck experiences. International icons including Patti Smith, Andy Warhol and Glenn O'Brien, as well as British talent Agi & Sam, Sibling, Sean Frank, Sam Taylor and Shay Ola all offered up their personal pairs for sneaker portraits.

Converse sneakers launches Made by You

Thousands of Polaroids of Londoners wearing their Chucks and sharing their Six Word Stories are currently on display in a gallery space on Shoreditch High Street. Curated by British-Nigerian artist Damilola Odusote, the result is an interesting interaction between an iconic fashion product and its wearers, offering an insight into the fashionable journey of their lives.

Images: Converse Made by You

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