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Joor to power upcoming events in the Middle East and Japan

By Anna Zwettler


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Fashion industry wholesale platform Joor announced on Wednesday that it would be partnering with the Arab Fashion Council and Japan Fashion Week Organization to power key events this fall.

Tokyo Fashion Award, Arab Fashion Week Season 12 and Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo will all make use of Joor’s digital platform Passport to centralize their trade show and fashion week experiences.

“With JOOR Passport, an inclusive and collaborative trade show platform, brands can upload their seasonal lookbooks to unique profile pages and showcase their styles in virtual showrooms and buyers can easily shop global assortments without having to travel,” said Kristin Savilia, CEO of Joor, in a statement. “We are enabling the show to go on for brands and retailers, during the current travel restrictions and beyond.”

Tokyo Fashion Award and Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo will select emerging fashion brands from Tokyo, which can benefit from Joor Passport and the features it provides, including showcasing collections via digital showrooms and connecting with buyers in markets in and outside of Japan.

“It was quite important that we find a way at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo to support our brands in this time when buyers from not only Japan but also overseas are having difficulties to travel to attend the show,” commented Kaoru Imajo, director of Japan Fashion Week Organization.

Meanwhile, the Arab Fashion Council, in its collaboration with Joor, will work to integrate the Arab world into the international fashion industry by digitizing the wholesale selling process and giving the brands of the 22 countries of the Arab League access to virtual showrooms.

Mohammed Aqra, chief strategy officer of the Arab Fashion Council, added: “In times of constrained travel, it is very fortunate that we are able to continue promoting our brands in the Middle East thanks to advanced technology such as Joor. We are confident that this shift will enable Arab designers to increase their global network with buyers.”

Photo Credit: Acuod by Chanu AW19, Catwalkpictures

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