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Sustainable fashion events

By FashionUnited


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image credit: Aygen Kolaei for FashionUnited

As an independent B2B media business, FashionUnited provides a platform for the growing demand to enable connection and global exchange amongst businesses involved in fashion, and share relevant events addressing social and environmental sustainability. The latter has become a pressing challenge in the fashion industry which many events are addressing from various angles, such as circularity, digitalization, and transparency.

See below FashionUnited’s roundup of all the events, fashion shows and fairs exclusively dedicated to sustainability and circularity taking place around the globe.

AAFA Traceability & Sustainability Conference (USA, PA)
The conference provides various innovative business solutions and resources implementing the ESG goals. Simultaneously, the conference aims for transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain of brands which is essential to fostering responsible policies and practices.

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (Spain)
The annual Bridal Fashion Week is devoted to diversity, equality, and justice in bringing together designers, buyers, wedding planners and future brides to encourage inclusivity and innovation in bridal fashion.

Better Cotton Conference (Sweden and online)
The largest cotton sustainability programme organisation holds regular events to share knowledge and discuss various topics intertwining fashion and the cotton industry, as well as supporting communities to maintain and grow sustainably.

Circular Fashion Summit (Global/Metaverse)
Connecting circularity and digital fashion on a large scale, the Circular Fashion Summit assembles these parts and connects people globally in the metaverse to discuss forward-thinking solutions to evolve fashion for the better.

Copenhagen Fashion Week (Denmark)
The Nordic biannual fashion week displays various events with the CIFF trade show the longest-running fair in Northern Europe - showcasing the industry’s directional and progressive brands for womenswear and menswear.

Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week (Netherlands)
The number one sustainable fashion week in the Netherlands is committed to giving sustainable fashion a wide platform where diverse fashion businesses participate each year to collectively move forward sustainability in the industry.

Fashionablyin London (UK)
Since 2011, Fashionablyin connects suppliers, agents and buyers virtually across the globe to provide them quick and efficient access to disseminate in new markets.

Fashion Revolution Week (Global)
The Fashion Revolution Week is a unique global event committed to activism in the fashion industry valuing the people and environment by encouraging brands to make the production chains transparent and safer.

Fashion SVP - The Responsible Sourcing Event (United Kingdom)
The conference is the number one sustainable apparel sourcing event in the UK. It presents the quality of ethical and responsible production, as well as connects people involved in the technical and detailed work.

Future Fabrics Expo by The Sustainable Angle (UK)
The largest dedicated showcase of globally sourced, commercially available sustainably and responsibly produced fabrics and materials.

Functional Fabric Fair New York (USA, NY)
Cultivating a culture of inclusion is essential to the Functional Fabric Fair as they bring together partners, speakers and visitors from various backgrounds to share the latest trends in fabric development for the functional textile industry in the United States.

Neonyt Lab by Messe Frankfurt (Germany)
From end consumers to fashion professionals, Neonyt Lab bridges technology, sustainability and innovation as essential elements changing the fashion industry - the design, procedures and production methods.

The Australian Circular Fashion Conference (Australia)
The Circular Fashion Conference is the go-to event in Australia concerning sustainability to counteract the negative environmental impacts caused by the fashion industry.

Global Fashion Summit (Denmark)
The leading global forum for sustainability, putting collaboration on the pedestal of businesses’ obligations and needs. Insights shared on stage of the conference set the agenda on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing the industry.

IMPACT (France)
The fashion week IMPACT organised by Who’s Next presents diverse brands, manufacturers, solutions, collectives, associations, exhibitions, as well as talks sharing innovative and sustainable ways of producing and consuming fashion.

The biannual fair assembles experts, designers, purchasing and material managers around sustainability in sourcing of functional fabrics.

Portland Fashion Week (USA, OR)
The only carbon-negative Fashion Week in the world. The event shares the philosophy of slow fashion and brings awareness to the importance of the quality and value of clothing, as well as its origin.

RAW TO A T event by RawAssembly (Australia)
Focusing on raw materials, manufacturers, retailers, and textile innovators, the conference strives to reduce the fashion industry’s impact by addressing the complex challenge of waste reduction and balancing consumption with sustainability.

Redress Design Awards (Hong Kong)
The Redress Design Award is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition aimed at growing the industry towards a circular fashion system. It is organised by Redress, a pioneering Hong Kong based NGO working to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry.

Sustainability Summit by the Sourcing Journal (USA, NY)
The conference assembles experts, brands, and retailers sharing insights and knowledge on how to navigate through the challenges of the fashion industry to achieve the sustainability targets.

The go-to event in Brazil seeking effective solutions and disseminating information to reduce the negative impacts caused by the Textile Chain and fashion industry - economically, socially, and environmentally.

Textile Sustainability Conference (Ireland)
In this conference, the powerful communities of Textile Exchange and Sustainable Apparel Coalition unite leaders from across the industry to tackle urgent climate action on textile fibre and materials.

The Sustainable Fashion Forum conference (USA, OR)
A conference for conscious sustainability enthusiasts and advocates of all industry levels. The event spearheads meaningful conversation at the intersection of fashion, sustainability, ethics, and culture, with the goal of encouraging change.

White Street Market (Italy)
The WSM is the first trade show entirely committed to new technologies and research to move a real eco and digital transition in the fashion industry which is open to all fashion-related businesses and end consumers.

World Circular Textiles Day (UK and Global)
A yearly conference exploring and celebrating circularity progress, specifically in the area of textiles, as well as ways of achieving it through visceral motivation, collectivism, joined-up thinking, and building a roadmap.

2Sustainability Conference (USA, CO)
The textile Exchange Conference brings together people from various fields to collectively encourage climate action starting at the source of materials while moving the industry to a positive climate impact.

Whether it is circularity, fair wages, transparency in the supply chain, responsible sourcing, waste management for environmental sustainability, more and more companies integrate different aspects of sustainability into their production and supply chains. As various areas in sustainability are constantly growing, FashionUnited provides an Event Calendar with all the relevant events across the globe.

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